For Patients

Ward Visitor Guide & Registration

As part of our COVID-19 measures, ward visitors are required to

  • register on-site at the hospital
  • undergo temperature screening
  • complete a health and travel declaration form
  • use TraceTogether App or token for SafeEntry check-in

Mask must be worn at all times

Ward visitors must bring their own masks and ensure the mask is worn at all times.

Do Not Enter If You Are ill

As a precautionary measure, you will not be allowed entry if you are having fever, breathlessness, body ache, headache, cough, chills, fatigue, sore throat or runny nose.

Practise Social Distancing

  • Maintain a safe distance of at least 2 metres from others at all times
  • Refrain from communicating and interacting with other patients or visitors in the ward
  • Caregivers or visitors are not allowed to eat or drink, sit on patients’ beds and use patients’ toilets in the wards

Visiting Hours

  • 12pm - 2pm and
  • 5pm - 8pm

Love Your Children

For infection control and safety reasons, children aged 12 and below will not be allowed entry.

Ward Visitors

  • Only 1 pre-registered visitor (including caregiver) is eligible to register for ward visit for the entire admission period
  • Only 1 pre-registered visitor or caregiver is permitted to visit once per day during visiting hours (limited to 30 minutes per visit)
  • Requests to stay beyond 30 minutes may be granted on a case-by-case basis for visitors of patients who are critically ill or require additional care support, or for caregiver training. These visitors need to undergo the COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) prior to entering the wards
  • Visitation is not allowed at Restricted Wards

Our patients need to rest and recover.

Thank you for your cooperation.