Nursing @ KTPH

The passion to care forms the bedrock of our profession and at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, we ensure that each patient receives professional nursing care delivered with our heart and respect for their dignity. KTPH nurses go above and beyond to provide outstanding and compassionate care to our patients and their families. We ensure that each patient receives professional nursing care that is patient-centric and goal-directed. We collaborate, make decisions, and are accountable for the coordination, delivery and continuity of high quality care.

  • We value our patients who are the most important people in our hospital
  • We will strive to provide our patients with optimal care
  • We act as the patients’ advocates and respect their dignity
  • We collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide patient-centred quality healthcare
  • We will advance our profession through continuous learning and research
  • We will develop esprit-de-corps in our hospital by acting according to our core values

What make us different? Today, the nursing role has broadened greatly to keep pace with growing demands, an ageing population, and more complex medical needs. The pursuit of excellent patient care, therefore, needs to be supported not only by a culture of care, but also a mindset of lifelong learning.

1. Our Shared Purpose


Our inter-generation workforce works harmoniously with a “can do” attitude, towards a common goal of achieving nursing excellence

2. Our Care


Our nurses are dedicated to deliver high standards of personalised care with exceptional service standards, set within a healing environment.

3. Our Vibrancy


Our 2000-strong workforce of fun, dynamic and energetic nurses lay the foundation for an exciting and meaningful career with us.

4. Our Collegiality


Our nurses work together in a warm and supportive environment, fostering a strong sense of bonding and camaraderie that epitomises this kampung spirit.

1. Supporting Our Learning and Development

Nursing Education in KTPH consist of in-house courses developed by healthcare professionals. There are also teaching and learning activities developed for nurses to contextualise their learning for workplace application. These include in-services and unit-specific programmes curated for emergent and ongoing learning needs.

Proficient nurses are given the opportunity to attend formal education courses to further their professional development in specialised fields.

Our nurses are encouraged to attend and present in local and overseas conferences to stay updated on the latest trends in clinical care, as well as to learn and share their knowledge with other healthcare professionals.

2. Promoting Continuous Improvement

Our nurses are empowered to have a voice in decision-making, thus encouraging diverse and creative input that will help advance our healthcare mission through continuous improvement. This is achieved through staff-led initiatives such as Kaizen, quality improvement, and shared governance projects. Nurses are also trained in patient safety and risk management, ensuring care standards through internal cross-department audits and helming patient safety discussions with senior clinicians.

3. Building Our Nursing Research Capacity

We aim to develop a research-based culture where nurses consistently incorporate evidence-based practice into decision-making and daily nursing practices to achieve high quality of care for our patients.
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4. Encouraging Rotational Exposure

Professional development not only encompasses career progression, but also the deepening of the level of practice, to manage the increasing complexity of care. To nurture and hone the development of our nurses, they are encouraged to rotate across different settings and specialties. Rotation enriches professional knowledge and skills throughout our nurses’ careers, and also ensures a fresh infusion of talents in each setting.

One profession, many roles. Our nurses have opportunities to develop skills in different specialties and settings. For example in community care, community nurses get the opportunity to build a care and support relationship with residents that makes a difference to their health and wellbeing.

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We offer diverse roles in:

  • Nursing informatics
  • Nursing quality
  • Nursing research
  • Nursing education

Advanced Practice Nursing

The sky is the limit – this describes the boundaries for the care and services provided by Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) in Yishun Health. Our APNs are equipped with clinical knowledge and skills to diagnose, perform physical assessment, order investigations and prescribe medication in collaboration with clinicians. Advanced Practice Nursing is a growth area in nursing development that continuously enhances clinical nursing quality.

As a hybrid between a nurse practitioner and a clinical nurse specialist, our APNs are empowered to provide holistic care for patients and spearhead evidence-based practices across clinical settings. Structured programmes are in place to nurture and mentor our nurses with passion to pursue a career in clinical nursing.

Specialty Nursing

Specialist nurses play a leading role in developing guidelines and protocols, providing support and consultation, and promoting the use of evidence-based practices. They are trained in assessing, implementing and evaluating standards of care for a designated specialty. We have a wide range of specialist nurses who work closely with doctors and perform extended roles in a variety of settings, including:

  • Neurosurgery
  • General surgery specialist nurses
  • Pain specialist nurses
  • Vascular specialist nurse
  • Wound care service
  • Diabetes care
  • Palliative nurses

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Ms Shirley Heng

Chief Nurse

Nursing Administration


Ms Low Beng Hoi

Director, Nursing

Population Health & Community Transformation


Ms Audrey Saw Guat Lin

Deputy Director, Nursing

Intensive Care & Specialty Units


Ms Alice Leong

Deputy Director, Nursing

Peri-Operative Services


Ms Yiap Pok Ling

Deputy Director, Nursing

Inpatient Wards


Ms Velusamy Poomkothammal

Deputy Director, Nursing

Inpatient Wards


Ms Zhou Liyan

Assistant Director, Nursing

Peri-Operative Services


Ms Sharon Fun

Assistant Director, Nursing

Advance Nurse Practice & Specialty Nurses


Ms Eileen Cheah Lilian

Assistant Director, Nursing

Inpatient Wards

At Yishun Health, nurses are offered a variety of career paths for their professional growth. Make a difference with us toda​​y!
Nursing career tracks

Nursing Skills & Tracks







​Years in grade for promotion
EN II - EN I>= 1 Year
EN I - SEN II>= 2 Years
>= 2 Years
​SEN I - PEN​>= 2 Years​
DesignationYears in grade for promotion
SN II - SN I>= 1 Year
SN I - SSN II>= 2 Years
>= 2 Years
​SSN I - ANC2-5 Years​
​Designation​Years in grade for promotion
ANC - NO II>= 1 Year
NO II - NO I>= 2 Years
NO I - SNO>= 2 Years

*Generic guide subject to performance & vacancy