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Financial Assistance & Subsidies

Financial Assistance

If you have difficulty paying your medical bill, please approach our staff who will refer you to our medical social workers for assistance. Your request will be kept strictly confidential. The amount of assistance may vary, depending on your financial circumstances.

Assistance may be given in various forms:

  • MediFund, an endowment fund set up by the government to help Singaporeans who have difficulty paying for their subsidised medical expenses, after MediSave and Medishield
  • Other government assistance schemes, such as Medication Assistance Fund
  • Hospital’s endowment fund

To apply for financial assistance, please produce proof of your income, savings and monthly expenditure. Please contact our Department of Medical Social Service at 6602 2588 for assistance.

Subsidy Schemes


You can use your MediSave to pay the bills for hospitalisation and approved outpatient treatments for yourself and your immediate family members i.e. your spouse, children, parents and grandparents (grandparents must be Singapore citizens or permanent residents).


MediShield is a medical insurance that helps CPF members and their dependants meet the costs of treatment for serious illness or prolonged hospitalisation.

Please inform our staff handling your admission if you wish to claim from MediShield. We will submit the claim on your behalf to the CPF Board. After processing, CPF will pay the hospital directly. For any remaining amount not covered by MediShield, you may pay with either your MediSave or cash, or both.

Private MediSave-approved Integrated Shield Plans (PMI)

Besides MediShield, there are other approved medical insurance plans offered by private insurers. PMI is a scheme which allows CPF members to use their MediSave to buy these plans for themselves and their dependants.

Each insured person can pay for only one MediSave-approved Integrated Shield Plan with MediSave.

For more information on schemes and subsidies, please refer to the Ministry of Health website.

* Information is correct at the time of publication and subject to revision without notice.