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Medical Social Service

Medical social workers are part of our multi-disciplinary team who work closely with our doctors, nurses and other health professionals to provide holistic care for our patients.

We journey with patients and their families who need support to help them to cope more effectively with their illness or challenging life circumstances.

Please inform our doctors or nurses if you wish to speak to our medical social worker.

Our Services

We counsel patients and their families who face challenges such as being diagnosed with a serious illness, or coping with a chronic illness, traumatic injuries, crisis and bereavement.

In addition, we provide individual, family and couple counselling for personal and interpersonal relationship issues.

We also facilitate Advanced Care Planning to help patients make plans in consultation with their families so that they can come to a common understanding of their long-term care.

End of life care and grief & bereavement counselling

Receiving news of a terminal or chronic illness can leave one feeling lost and helpless. We provide counselling support to help patients and their families through the difficult times and come to terms with their loss.

Our medical social workers are specially trained to spot any risks of suicide among patients or their families. We provide risk assessment and counselling support for individuals who have tried or are thinking of committing suicide.

We also assist in making safe care plans for patients who may be abused, for example spousal violence and elder abuse. This may involve referrals to temporary crisis shelters.

Care Planning

We provide information and advice on, and referrals to, care options for patients after their discharge from hospital. These include community hospitals, nursing homes, hospices, charity homes, day care centres, senior activity centres, home-help and befriending services.

We also provide information and referrals for loan or purchase of medical supplies, equipment and appliances, to enable patients to live well at home and in the community.


Home Visits

Our team make home visits to ensure that patients are able to cope following their discharge from hospital. We get to understand better their needs and the support required.

Support Groups

Support groups bring together people who are facing similar issues to offer support to one another. The groups usually involve patients’ family members and are guided by our medical social workers. Examples of support groups are those for dementia, stroke and diabetes.

CARE (Caring Action in Response to an Emergency)

In times of civil emergencies, our medical social workers serve as CARE officers to provide psychological first-aid for the affected persons and their families.

If you have difficulty paying your medical bill, please approach our staff who will refer you to our medical social workers for assistance. Your request will be kept strictly confidential. The amount of assistance may vary, depending on your financial circumstances.

Assistance may be given in various forms.

  • MediFund, an endowment fund set up by the government to help Singaporeans who have difficulty paying for their subsidised medical expenses, after MediSave and Medishield claims where applicable
  • Other government assistance schemes, such as Medication Assistance Fund
  • Hospital’s endowment fund

To apply for financial assistance, please produce proof of your income, savings and monthly expenditure.

Other institutions that provide financial assistance include:


Please call 6602 2588
Email: ktph.mss@ktph.com.sg


Medical Social Service
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