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Acute G​eriatric Assessment ​​​Unit​

​Our Geriatric Emergency Medicine team works closely with our Emergency Department to assess and manage medical emergencies for elderly patients. This multi-disciplinary approach ensures that these patients receive services that are best suited for their care and minimises admissions and re-visits to the hospital.

Patient Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends to geriatric emerg​ency patients?

Our team comprising medical professionals from the Emergency Department, Geriatric Medicine and Rehabilitation Service will care for the patients.

How long is a patient expected to stay?

Patients can expect to stay at A&E for a day. Thereafter, they will either be discharged, or admitted to the ward for further care, if necessary.

Are visits allowed?

Yes, up to two visitors are allowed at any one time during these times: Noon-2pm and 5pm-8.30pm.



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