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What is Integrated Medical Clinic?

The Integrated Medical Clinic (IMC) consists of a team of healthcare professionals who will work closely with you and your family in providing holistic care. You will be assigned a Primary Coordinating Doctor (PCD) who will be part of your IMC Care Team. He/she is likely a doctor you are familiar with.

How is IMC different than your standard care?

Your physical, social and mental well-being will be assessed by your IMC care team comprehensively, and ensure you receive the support you need.

Under IMC, you will have a dedicated Care Coordinator who will be able to recommend and help coordinate suitable resources that will benefit your physical, social and mental well-being. He/she will also be able to address your queries and concerns regarding your condition, even while you are at home.

The Activation and Care Empowerment (ACE) Clinic is also set up to support you and your loved ones in identifying and overcoming any difficulties you face in managing your health. Our Behavioural Health Counsellors can help to support you and your family members in any lifestyle adjustments to ensure that your emotional and mental well-being is well taken care of.

Who can enrol into IMC?

This programme is currently by invitation only. Patients who meet the criteria will be invited to enrol into IMC.

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Before your visit

A pre-visit assessment will be done by answering a questionnaire to allow your IMC care team to understand your care needs.

During your visit

Your care team will:

  • Assess your condition and advice on treatment plans
  • Share with you tips to manage your condition better
  • Share with you how to recognise any worsening symptoms and recommend next actions
  • Support your lifestyle adjustment, physical and mental well-being
  • Link you up with resources in your community

Do share your concerns with your care team and ask any questions you may have.

After your visit

Your IMC care team will follow through your journey to ensure you are confident and able to manage your condition well at home.

You will be able to seek advice and support if you experience any sudden changes to your conditions while at home.

Your IMC Care Team

  • Primary Coordinating Doctor
  • Care Coordinator
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Behavioural Health Counsellor
  • Medical Social Worker

For more information, download IMC brochure or reach out to your care team at


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