For Patients

Your Hospital Stay

At Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, we combine medical expertise with high standards of personalised care, set within a healing environment.

Care for our patients as individuals is central to all that we do. We are constantly learning from others and improving, to provide a hassle-free hospital stay for our patients, from admission to discharge.



Admission can be done at the Acute & Emergency Department (A&E), in the ward, or at the Patient Service Centre (for elective admission).

There may be occasions when admission is delayed due to bed unavailability. In such situations, we will offer you an alternative choice of accommodation.

As our hospital is experiencing very high patient load, to allow us to start treatment for patients, we seek your understanding that you may be assigned to a trolley bed until a hospital bed is available.

Documents To Bring


For your admission registration, please bring the following original documents:

  • Admission Authorisation Form (for elective admission)
  • NRIC/birth certificate/passport/employment pass/work permit/student pass
  • Any health benefits card for hospitalisation

What To Bring

  • Pyjamas are provided but you may wish to bring your own
  • Slippers and personal toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, etc.

What Not To Bring

Please do not bring valuables or too much money. If you have these items with you during admission, please arrange for them to be taken home, or inform our ward nurses for safekeeping.

Food Service

Our dietitians and Executive Chef supervise the menu planning and preparation of meals to ensure that you have a balanced and nutritious diet. We provide halal and vegetarian options. If you have specific needs, we can also prepare your personal diet, as advised by our dietitians.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones is not allowed in the Intensive Care Unit as they can interfere with medical equipment used to monitor patients. Please ensure your mobile phones are switched off.


Smoking is not allowed in the hospital compounds. We seek your cooperation to maintain a healthy smoke-free environment. Offenders will be fined up to $1,000.

Services & Amenities

Shops and eateries in the hospital compound offer a range of food and retail options.
Please check food and retail locations in Explore KTPH.

ATMs are located in Tower A, Basement 1.
Please check ATM locations in Getting Around KTPH.


Visitors Registration

Visitors must register before visiting the wards, for infection control and safety reasons.
Please register at any kiosk on Level 1 of Towers A, B and D, located outside the lift lobbies.

Ward visiting hours

Check our Ward Visitor Guide & Registration.

For a safe and comfortable stay, please observe the following:

  • Follow the instructions given by our staff when you are admitted.
  • You will be given a wristband with your name, NRIC and other personal details. Please wear it at all times while you are in the hospital.
  • Let us know of your whereabouts and report to your care team if there are any unusual occurrences.
  • Take care of your personal belongings at all times.
  • Do not use the furniture in your room as support if you feel weak or unsteady. Most of the furniture are on wheels and will not provide the necessary stability.
  • Do not get in and out of a wheelchair without assistance. Follow our staff's instructions when using a wheelchair.
  • If you are nursed with bed rails up or instructed to be on bed rest by your doctor, please do not get up on your own. Please call and wait for assistance.
  • Take only medications given to you by our nurses and take them promptly when served.
  • Do not try to remove or adjust any devices around or on you without asking our nurses.

Nurses Call System

Please use the call system to alert our staff if you require assistance. Press the red/orange button on the bell at your bedside to call and wait for assistance. If you need help while in the restroom, please pull the red cord lightly and wait for assistance.

Patient Confidentiality

Taking photographs and videos of patients and their families is not allowed.

During your stay, you will be looked after by a team of doctors comprising medical specialists, Medical Officers and House Officers. We may conduct investigations such as laboratory tests, X-ray and other procedures to identify or treat your medical problem.

Ward Daily Routine

Your team doctors will make rounds daily. There is a group of doctors scheduled to be on call 24 hours to attend to patients who require urgent medical attention. There will be a scheduled ward routine for medication, meals, visiting hours and bedtime.

For medication safety, please do not disturb the nurse while he/she is serving medication to another patient. The nurse needs to concentrate during this time. If you need assistance, use the call bell and another staff member will be with you shortly.

We encourage you to participate actively in your care. Please speak to our staff if you have any questions regarding your diagnosis, treatment plan or date of discharge.

Nursing Care

Nursing care is a key part of our patient-centric care. A nurse is assigned to a group of patients from each shift. The photo of the nurse on duty is displayed on the board in the ward.

Please approach our nurses if you have any questions regarding your care.


We believe that knowledge and skills on health matters will help you and you family understand and cope with your condition better. We encourage your family to be active partners-in-care to help you on the road to recovery.

Our nurses may, therefore, collaborate with you and your family in patient education and invite your family members to participate in activities such as feeding, medication serving and bathing. This gives them the opportunity to show emotional and psychological support, and to learn how to care for you at home after discharge.

We also invite you and your caregiver to join our health fairs, public forums and various community outreach activities. Find out more at Events.

Your doctor will, at the appropriate time, advise when you can expect to be discharged. Our nursing staff will work with you and your family to plan for your continuing care after discharge. You and your caregiver may also be taught simple nursing self-care.

Upon Discharge

Discharge Lounge from outside

You will be directed to the Discharge Lounge (Tower A, Level 1, next to Subway) to rest comfortably while we prepare for your hospital discharge. At the discharge lounge, you may enjoy amenities such as the air-condition and refreshments while you wait for your next-of-kin and medication.

Before you leave, you will receive the following:

  • A Discharge Summary and Medical Certificate, if necessary.
  • Self-care information or instructions, where indicated.
  • Referrals for care arrangements or follow-up treatment, if necessary.
  • A follow-up appointment at our Specialist Outpatient Clinic, if necessary.
  • Medication prescribed by our doctors and dispensed by our pharmacist, who will advise you on its use.

Your ward class upon discharge will determine your follow-up charges at the Specialist Outpatient Clinic.

If you are discharged from
You will be seen as
Class A or B1 ward Private patient
Class B2 or C ward Subsidised patient

For your safety, we advise that you have someone to accompany you home. If you are going home alone, please inform our nurse.

We wish you good health and a quick recovery.