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Wellness Kampung Wellness Kampung  

Kampung (“village” in Malay) is where we feel at home. Everyone is welcomed warmly, like part of a big family.

At the Wellness Kampung, you can ​take part in exercises and learn about healthy eating. There are also health talks and cooking sessions. You can pick up health tips and encourage one another to adopt healthier lifestyles. If you have questions, our community nurses will be there every week to help you understand more about your health condition and treatment.

But that’s not all! You can start your own interest group, bring your “kakis” or join other residents in activities such as singing, playing card games, calligraphy, craft and repair work, gardening and language classes.

In recognition for its effort in supporting the community as well as for its sustainable social design, the Wellness Kampung has clinched the following awards in 2019:

  • Asian Elderly Care Award 2019
    Best in Healthy and Active Ageing Services Category (GOLD)
    This award is for projects and programmes that promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Through specific initiatives including the Wellness Kampung, healthy self-managed communities in the North are created, where health is decentralised at a low-cost, high-access network of accessible community nodes.
  • Human City Design Award 2019
    This award combines the concept of social design and global outlook of Asia as an organic entity, with a design of a sustainable urban environment in which people can enjoy creative lives regardless of gender, age, financial wealth, and health or disability that one may have. This award is given to project that has contributed to ensuring people and people, people and the society, people and the environment can create even more harmonious and sustainable relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Wellness Kampung located?

Wellness Kampung is at the void decks of: Blk 765 Yishun Central, Blk 115 Chong Pang, Blk 260 Nee Soon East

Do I have to pay to join Wellness Kampung?

No. Membership is free!

Do I have to register beforehand?

No. Just walk in!

If I do not stay in Yishun, can I still join Wellness Kampung?

Yes. All are welcome!

Share a Pot Share a Pot

Memories of family get-togethers around a steaming pot of soup. That’s how the idea for Share a Pot® came about. Since it started in 2014, there are now over 30 Share a Pot venues across Singapore.

Share a Pot brings together community partners, supporters and volunteers to encourage the elderly to exercise regularly, eat nutritious food and build strong bonds of friendship. The aim is to help our seniors improve their well-being with better nutrition, and by staying active and engaged in the community.

For a year, I did not get to go out as I was sick and had a fall. After coming here to exercise, I have become healthier. I was able to make friends and talk to them too!

Mdm Ho Luan Eng, 84 years old

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Share a Pot run?

Volunteers help to register participants, do simple health checks, lead exercises and of course, cook the soups. Depending on the interests and needs of the seniors, they may also tweak the programme and activities.

How often is Share a Pot held?

Share a Pot is held once during the week at various locations.

Where are the Share a Pot locations?

Share a Pot is held at various community spaces throughout the week.