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Renal Medicine

The division of Renal Medicine specialises in a wide range of renal disorders from early kidney disease to end stage renal disease. Our nephrologists work very closely with other healthcare professionals such as renal nurses, medical social workers, dieticians, pharmacists, therapists and coordinators as a multi-disciplinary team to provide a comprehensive, individualised and holistic model of care for our patients.

Our team of nephrologists will evaluate and manage patients with general renal issues such hypertension, glomerulonephritis, acute kidney injury and polycystic kidney diseases. Collaboration is made with endocrinologists in the management of patients with diabetic kidney disease aiming to retard kidney disease progression.

Chronic kidney disease education is available to equip patients with the knowledge to understand ways to slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease.

The care of patients with advanced chronic renal failure is managed very closely with nephrologists, renal coordinators, medical social workers, dieticians and Voluntary Welfare organisations such as National Kidney Foundation (NKF) and Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF), to prepare patients who are approaching end-stage kidney disease.

We are also trained in interventional nephrology procedures such as kidney biopsy, haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis catheter insertion and removal, vascular access ultrasonography and vascular access endovascular intervention.

Our Services

  • Fluid and electrolytes disturbances
  • Acute kidney Injury
  • Renovascular diseases
  • Management of patients with primary and secondary glomerulonephritis
  • Management of various stages of chronic kidney disease as well as their complications
  • Holistic Approach in Lowering and Tracking Chronic Kidney Disease (MOH HALT CKD) programme

Diabetic Kidney Disease

  • A combined clinic between nephrologists and diabetologists
  • Supported by a team of allied health professionals (including nurses, dieticians and podiatrists)
  • For more information, please visit Diabetes Centre @ Ad​miralty Medical Centre

Renal Coordinator Clinic

  • Provides comprehensive patient education on prevention, retardation and management of chronic kidney disease, including modalities of renal replacement therapy
  • Provides counselling and emotional support for chronic kidney disease patients and their family

Renal Pharmacist Clinic

  • Provides holistic review of medication management and counselling to patients with complex medication regime
  • Provides clinical review for patients who require titration of medication


  • Review of haemodialysis outpatients
  • Collaborate with community haemodialysis partners (e.g. NKF) and other providers to ensure continuity of care
  • Collaborate closely with vascular surgeons for vascular access creation for patients who have opted for haemodialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis

  • Review of peritoneal dialysis outpatients
  • Collaborates with community haemodialysis partners (e.g. NKF) and other providers to ensure continuity of care

Peritoneal Dialysis Programme

  • Run by nephrologists, specialist nurses, dieticians, renal coordinators and medical social workers
  • A comprehensive programme to support patients opting for peritoneal dialysis catheter, from insertion of peritoneal dialysis catheter by our nephrologist or urologist, to regular clinical reviews for chronic PD outpatients
  • Dietary counselling to understand the dietary restrictions and nutrition in peritoneal dialysis as part of the training programme which the patients learn to perform peritoneal dialysis independently
  • Regular multi-disciplinary meetings are held with nephrologists, KTPH and community nurses to ensure issues faced by chronic PD patients are resolved
  • Review of haemodialysis access related complications
  • Coordination of renal-related vascular access procedures such as vascular access ultrasonagraphy and vascular access endovascular intervention

Kidney supportive care is available for patients who opt for symptomatic relief in the management of end stage kidney disease or dialysis withdrawal. We collaborate with the palliative department in the management of patients with end-stage kidney disease opting for kidney supportive care. Advance Care Planning is also available for patients opting for kidney supportive care.

Patient Journey for Kidney Supportive Care

Patient Journey

Patients Opting for Peritoneal Dialysis

Patient Journey for Peritoneal Dialysis  

Patients opting for Haemodialysis (HD)

Patient Journey for Haemodialysis  

Patient Education


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