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We are a team of dedicated doctors whose primary goal is to provide holistic peri-operative care to our patients. We focus on careful pre-operative review of our patients, providing a safe & painless anaesthesia during surgery and the follow up care of post-operative pain management.

Our Services

Our range of services:

  • Pre-operative Anaesthesia Consultation
  • 24-hour Emergency airway and Resuscitation support in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and Yishun Community Hospital
  • Anaesthesia services for surgical procedures in Major Operating Theatre and Day Surgery Centre, including a 24-hour Emergency Operating Theatre for urgent operations
  • Ad-hoc off-site Anaesthesia services in Intervention Radiology, Endoscopy Centre as well as Admiralty Medical Centre
  • 24-hour Surgical Intensive Care Unit
  • Acute and Chronic Pain management

Anaesthetist's Roles

Patients scheduled for an operation would naturally be anxious and concerned about the success of the operation, their recovery and any post-operative pain they might experience. Here in our clinic, we believe strongly that allowing our patients to understand the anaesthesia process, the risks and benefits of the various anaesthesia techniques will help allay any fears and empower them to make informed decisions.

Our focus:

  • Performing detailed medical assessment and optimising medical conditions that may affect overall outcome. In some instances, investigations like blood tests, ECG, X rays may be required, depending on the patient's pre-existing medical status and the complexity of the surgical procedure they are undergoing.
  • After understanding our patient's medical status, we then discuss regarding the kind of anaesthesia techniques which are suitable. These techniques can include General Anaesthesia, Regional Anaesthesia, Monitored Anaesthesia Care and sometimes a combination of two techniques.
  • In surgical cases where significant post-operative pain is anticipated, we will also discuss with the patient regarding the various analgesia options available. This can range from oral, intravenous and patient controlled analgesia, to regional nerve block and catheters (dependent on operative site).
  • Education on preoperative preparation (i.e. fasting times and medications to continue or omit).

On the operative day, the Anaesthetist will decide regarding the type of Anaesthesia technique, taking into careful consideration of surgical requirements, patient's medical status and preference.

  • General Anaesthesia – Patient will be put in a state of unconsciousness, and will not be aware of any pain of discomfort throughout the operation.
  • Regional Anaesthesia – Major nerve pathways will be numbed by local anaesthetics, allowing the operation site to have a total loss of sensation. In KTPH, we perform our nerve blocks under ultrasound guidance to improve the precision and success rate.
  • Monitored Anaesthesia Care – In some selected procedures, we are able to gently sedate our patients to keep them comfortable and lightly sedated throughout the entire process.


We participate in research programmes with a wide range of topics. Find out more about our published rese​arch projects.

Anaesthesia Fellowship

KTPH Anaesthesia team place a strong emphasis on medical education and training. Click on the links below to find out more about our fellowship programmes and how to apply.

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