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Hip fracture (broken hip bone) is common and often occurs after a fall from a standing height. It has devastating consequences, especially in the elderly. Comprehensive, integrated care is essential for faster recovery.

Yishun Health's Hip Fracture Service (HFS) provides holistic care for hip fracture patients above 60 years old, starting from the emergency department (ED), going through acute care services including surgery, post-operative rehabilitation and preventive care.

The service is run by a dedicated and highly professional team, involving orthopaedic surgeons, geriatricians, anaesthetists, ED doctors, cardiologists, nurses, rehabilitation staff (physio-, occupational and speech therapists), dietitians, case managers and operations administration across both Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) and Yishun Community Hospital (YCH).

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All patients with confirmed diagnosis of hip fracture are admitted to the Hip Fracture Unit, which is based in ward B56. This enables the patient to receive prompt care from the specialised medical care team.

The acute pain service team provides adequate pain control from admission until postoperative recovery period. Hip fracture is extremely painful and surgery is the definitive management for pain control. Pain in the elderly is associated with higher rates of complications such as delirium, heart attacks etc. The acute pain service team is actively involved as part of the service to control pain throughout patients' stay from admission until discharge.

Patients with hip fractures have multiple chronic medical conditions and are often admitted in an unstable condition due to acute medial illness.

Before the operation, the team treats and optimises medical conditions. Patient's suitability for operation is assessed and the team ensures timely surgery within 48 hours of admission if the patient's condition is stable. The preoperative assessment and management reduces the incidence of intra-operative and post-operative complications.

After the operation, the specialised trans-disciplinary team ensures that medical conditions are stabilised to enable faster recovery. The team focuses on nutrition, swallowing assessment, pneumonia prevention, early mobilisation, therapy sessions and prevention of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism (clot in the lung), which may present serious consequences.

Most hip fracture patients will need to continue rehabilitation after their stay at KTPH to help them get back on their feet and regain their pre-fracture independence. The HFS ensures patients are smoothly transferred to YCH for individualised care. Our care plan includes goals for mobility, activities of daily living and caregiver training. The Community Care Team (CCT) allows early supported discharge, medical care and ongoing home rehabilitation for suitable patients.

Patients who have sustained a hip fracture require close supervision to ensure that it is healing well. Future falls can be prevented by strengthening their bones and this is done at our specialist clinic at KTPH.

During the visits, our orthopaedic surgeon and the geriatrician review patients' recovery at the Falls and Balance Clinic. The review includes assessment and management of recurrent fall risks, provision of bone health advice for fracture prevention, treatment of osteoporosis and engaging patients in the community.

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