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Collaborations with GPs

The Primary Care Office works closely with primary care partners to co-create and implement various enablers and programmes that provide transitional care and support for patients and residents in the community.

GPFirst is a national programme that encourages residents with non-urgent conditions to first seek treatment at participating GPs rather than at the acute hospital’s Accident & Emergency Department (A&E).

Should the participating GP assesses that the patient requires onward referral to either an Urgent Care Clinic (UCC) or A&E for acute interventions, the patient will receive a $50 subsidy off the prevailing attendance fee upon arrival at the UCC/A&E.

Joining GPFirst

For Group GPs, please complete this Clinic Sign-up form (PDF, 580KB)

For GPs, please complete this Clinic Sign-up form ​ (PDF, 574KB)

Under shared care programmes, Yishun Health Specialists and our GP Partners co-manage patients with stable conditions for holistic, convenient and accessible care. Through such collaboration and close working relationship with the specialists, the patient still receives the same level of care as before, and ultimately be right-sited to the GP Partner.

The Shared Care programmes include:

  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Heart Failure
  • Gout

Information Leaflets

Download to read more about our Shared Care Programmes.

Image of DM Shared Care Leaflet. Click to view it in PDF.
Diabetes Mellitus
Image of Heart Failure Shared Care Leaflet. Click to view it in PDF.
Heart Failure
Image of Gout Shared Care Leaflet. Click to view it in PDF.

Case Studies

Our Shared Care Programmes were featured in Aha magazine!

Cover page of aha magazine featuring Shared Care programmes 

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The Diabetes Remission Collaborative aims to reverse diabetes in overweight persons living with early diabetes (within 6 years of diagnosis) via a curated initial 12 weeks total diet replacement phase, based on the Diabetes UK-funded Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT) study.

Primary care partners are able to better support their patients via 2 models:

  • Admiralty Medical Centre (AdMC) led model: primary care partners can refer patients directly to AdMC for shared care management
  • Primary care partners led model: with support from Yishun Health/AdMC e.g., Dietitian, community nurses and connection to physical & social activities

Key support for your patients:

  • Curated DM remission programme
  • Support from community resources (e.g. nurses and connection to physical and social activities)
  • Subsidised Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) for diet replacement phase
  • GP-led model option for better care convenience and familiarity with their existing care provider

Information Leaflets

Download to read more about the Diabetes Remission Collaborative.

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Direct Access

Through Direct Access, primary care partners can conveniently schedule diagnostics and services for patients, without a polyclinic or specialist consultation.

This shared care model supports primary care partners in the community.

Please refer to the Direct Access service table and contact us at to find out more.

Direct Access Services

Admiralty Medical Centre​
​Laboratory Blood Tests
Radiology (e.g., X-ray & ultrasound)

​Allied Health Services

  1. Dietetics
  2. Podiatry (including Diabetic Foot Screening)
  3. Ophthalmology (Diabetic Retinal Photography)
  4. Rehabilitation (Physical & Occupational Therapy)
  5. Acupuncture services

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