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Continuing Healthcare Professional Education

Yishun Health organises Continuing Medical Education (CME) events to help medical professionals keep abreast of the latest developments in medical care. At these events, General Practitioners and Specialists can exchange expertise to improve the way they care for and manage their patients.

 CME Events

General Surgery MasterClass 2021


9 September 2021
12pm - 2pm

2 CME points


Dr Charleen Yeo

The Gallbladder Polyp: Nipping it in the bud
Dr Tan T'zu Jen
Dr Wang Yi Liang

Pancreatic Cancer: Beating the odds
Dr Sivaraj Gunasekaran

ERAS: Is better, faster and cheaper possible?
Dr Tan Ming Yuan
ANC Ong Yu Jing

Fatty Liver: Pearls in Primary Care
Dr Gabriel Cher


18 September 2021
2pm - 4pm

2 CME points


Colorectal emergencies in the Geriatric population
Dr Daniel Lee

Common Anorectal conditions
Dr Lee Yao Zong

New treatments for Colorectal Cancer
Dr Pauleon Tan

Bariatric & Upper Gastrointestinal

22 September 2021
12pm - 2pm

2 CME points


Gastric Health and Disease
Dr Lim Kheng Tian

The Gastric Malignancy
Dr Nor Alia Mohd Noor

Diabetes, Weight Loss and Bariatric Surgery
Dr Tan Bo Chuan

Mechanism of Diabetes Remission Post Bariatric Surgery
Dr Deborah Ng


27 September 2021
12pm - 2pm

2 CME points


Introduction to KTPH Breast Services
Dr Clement Chia

Approach to Mammogram and Ultrasound interpretation in the busy Family Medicine Clinic
Dr Trishna Ramesh

Common benign breast conditions encountered in Family Medicine
Dr Marc Ong


4 October 2021
12pm - 2pm

2 CME points


Introduction to KTPH and AdMC Hernia Services
Dr Marc Ong

Management of Hiatal and Diaphragmatic Hernias
Dr Lim Kheng Tian

Common hernias encountered in the family practice setting: Inguinal, Umbilical & Incisional Hernias
Dr Lee Jingwen

Rare but important hernias that are easily overlooked in the busy clinic: Obturator, Spigelian & Lumbar Hernias
Dr Clement Chia

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