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Research Grants

Clinician Scientist Award (CSA)A/Prof Lim Su ChiNMRC$1,555,670
RIE2020 Centre Grant (CG) – Common and Complex Chronic Conditions – Focusing on Cohorts and Clinical Epidemiology Mrs Chew Kwee TiangNMRC$1,370,699
RIE2020 Centre Grant (CG) – Singapore Imaging Eye Network (SIENA)Mrs Chew Kwee TiangNMRC$294,073
Open Fund – Large Collaborative Grant (LCG)A/Prof Lim Su Chi (KTPH)NMRC$5,688,350.75
Individual Research Grant (IRG)A/Prof Lim Su ChiNMRC$ 1,444,448.36
Research Training Fellowship (RTF)Dr Benjamin Lam Chih ChiangNMRC$500,000
Clinician Scientist Fellowship (CSF)Dr Benjamin Lam Chih ChiangNHG/LKC$114,000 + 0.19FTE
Research Training Fellowship (RTF)Dr Low Kiat Mun SerenaNMRC$500,000
Clinician Scientist Fellowship (CSF)Dr Low Kiat Mun SerenaNHG/LKC$90,000 + 0.15FTE
Masters in Clinical InvestigationDr Benjamin YipMOH$5,000 + $25,000

Industry Alignment Fund - Pre-Positioning (IAF-PP)

Dr Kenny SzeBMRC$341,604
Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Grant (TCMRG)Dr James Tan Chung HuiMOH$233,023
Clinician Scientist / Clinician Investigator Salary Support Programme (CISSP)Dr Allen LiuNMRC$65,000
COVID-19 MedTech Innovation GrantDr Angeline SeahNHG$18,400

Industry Alignment Fund - Pre-Positioning


Dr Leong Chuo RenBMRC$53,940

Grants Awardees

Department: Acute & Emergency Care

No.Principal InvestigatorProject Title
1.Dr Francesca Th'ngLongitudinal study: Factors associated with Mental Health Outcomes in Frontline Emergency Department Healthcare Workers of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Department: Clinical Research Unit

No.Principal InvestigatorProject Title
1.Ms SylviaPrediction of hospitalization for heart failure by NT-proBNP and a novel clinical risk score in individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus
2.Mr Janus LeeUrinary Interleukin-18 as a potential predictive biomarker for renal progression in diabetic nephropathy cohort
3.Ms Yiamunaa MInvestigating the rate of biological ageing and its determinants among major ethnic groups in Singapore
4.Dr Wang JiexunExploratory Analysis of Heterogeneity in Type 2 Diabetes Using Omics Data
5.Ms Bhuvaneswari PandianEvaluation of Clusterin as a biomarker for cognitive function decline in older adults with type 2 diabetes
6.Ms Kwan Tsz KiuThe association of nitrogen balance, physical activity and frailty in Singapore's T2DM community: a validation study in SMART2D

Department: General Surgery

No.Principal InvestigatorProject Title
1.Dr Surendra MantooObjective Assessment of Colorectal Anastomosis Healing and leakage

Department: Geriatric Medicine

No.Principal InvestigatorProject Title
1.Dr Cheong Chin YeeThe implementation of frailty and delirium screening in the acute setting: evaluating the barriers and enabling factors using Theoretical Domains Framework

Department: Rehabilitation Services

No.Principal InvestigatorProject Title
1.Mr Muhammad Jazimin Bin HaronInvestigating the physiological response of Nintendo Switch™ Ring Fit Adventure game
2.Ms Choo Wan LingEffects of IOPI on swallowing function and functional status in geriatric patients

Science - Translational & Applied Research (STAR) I & II are grants designed to support clinical and translational research that answer specific, targeted research questions; or to perform pilot or feasibility studies.

STAR I supports small start-up exploratory studies that may provide preliminary findings for larger research proposals.

STAR II is a follow-on grant offered to successfully completed STAR I projects. It is designed to encourage continuing translation of research into patient care.

Our heartfelt congratulations to the following awardees:

STAR I Awardees

No.Principal InvestigatorDepartmentProject Title
1. A/Prof Edwin Seet Chuen Ping Clinical Research Unit Effectiveness of Compression Stocking on Overnight Fluid Shift in Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Patients
2. Ms Tan Si Hua Clara Clinical Research Unit Hepatocyte nuclear factor-1β (HNF1β) (MODY5)-associated nephropathy- understanding the extended clinical and genetic spectrum
3. Dr Resham Lal Gurung Clinical Research Unit Identification of sustained hyperglycaemic and HbA1c variability associated epigenetic biomarker for renal complications in patients with type 2 diabetes - A pilot study
4. Dr Pek Li Ting, Sharon Clinical Research Unit Functional analysis of Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor (LDLR) mutations in
Dr Pek Li Ting, Sharon
​Clinical Research Unit
Familial Hypercholesterolemia: From Bench to Bedside​
Dr Low Kiat Mun Serena
Clinical Research Unit
​A study on the role of muscle- fat ratio in the paradigm of reduced cognitive function in type 2 diabetes
​Dr Ester Yeoh Chai KhengDiabetes Centre​​Assessing Burn-out in type 1 Diabetes(A-BuDi)
Dr Cheong Chin Yee​
Geriatric Medicine​​Genome-wide association study of small vessel disease-related cognitive impairment
​Dr Philip Francis Stanley
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences​Comparison of omega 3 fish oil and oral curcumin for dry eye patients: a prospective randomized clinical trial​
​Ms Giang Thuy Anh
​Rehabilitation Services
​Evaluating the Effectiveness of Humanitude Care on Physical Function and Emotional Wellbeing of the Older Adults with Cognitive Impairment in the Hospital

STAR II Awardees

No.Principal InvestigatorDepartmentProject Title
1. Dr Angela Moh Mei Chung Clinical Research Unit Metabolic heterogeneity among Asians with severe obesity (extreme phenotype) and their response to metabolic/bariatric surgery – insights from metabolomics
2. Dr Ang Su Fen Clinical Research Unit Genomic medicine for monogenic diabetes: Precision Medicine for the Individual and Family

RISE Awardees

Researcher Investigator Scientist Enabler (RISE) is a grant scheme that provides funding for a portion of the clinician’s salary commensurate with his/her time spent in research. This funded time will allow the clinician to focus on sharpening their research capabilities.

Our heartfelt congratulations to the following awardees:

No.Principal InvestigatorDepartment
1.Dr Desmond Mao RenhaoAcute & Emergency Care
2.Dr Kumari NeelamOpthalmology and Visual Sciences
​Dr Ester Yeoh
​General Medicine

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