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Clinical Research

Message from Director


This message is written during a very special moment of human history, that we are living in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic.

The pandemic has clearly reminded us the importance of clinical relevant research, which is one of the important means for mankind to find new solutions (e.g. effective vaccine and treatment). However, beyond COVID19, we need to also be reminded that there are many other health challenges (e.g. metabolic and cardiovascular diseases), which have vast individual and societal impact, albeit at a slower time-pace. Similar to the COVID19 pandemic, these health challenges will need new innovative solutions through robust clinical research.

Given our access to patients, biological-samples and big-data, clinicians and researchers in healthcare institutions are uniquely positioned to contribute to clinically relevant research. It is thus our mandate to embrace clinical research as one of our key missions. Therefore, our Clinical Research Unit is committed to "Nurturing Excellence in Clinical Research" for our institution. As an institution, we will continue to strive to provide the milieu conducive for clinician to excel in clinically-relevant research.

May I have the honor of inviting our friends, colleagues and patients to join-in our extended research-family for a healthier future.

A/Prof Lim Su Chi
Clinical Director
Clinical Research Unit