6th Singapore Advanced Rhinoplasty Fresh Frozen Cadaveric Dissection Course

26 – 29 August, 2019

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  Day 1 and 2
Lectures and Panel Discussions

  • Contemporary Concept of Facial and Nasal Aesthetics
  • Surgical Anatomy of the Nose
  • Rhinoplasty: Preoperative Assessment
  • Perioperative Care of Rhinoplasty Patients
  • The Chin in Rhinoplasty
  • Cartilage Gra—ing in Rhinoplasty
  • Alloplastic Nasal Implants: When and Why?
  • Primary Rhinoplasty: Technical Pearls
  • Osteotomy: Principles, Techniques, Avoiding Complications
  • Nasal Hump Reduction
  • Management of Saddle Nose
  • Management of Crooked Nose
  • Middle Vault in Rhinoplasty
  • Management of Broad Nose
  • Tripod Principle for Nasal Tip Surgery
  • Suturing Techniques for Tip Modification
  • The Over Projected Tip: Analysis and Management
  • The Under Projected Tip: Analysis and Management
  • Customizing Rhinoplasty According to Skin Thickness
  • The Ptotic Tip
  • Over Rotated Tip
  • The Boxy Tip
  • Saddle Nose
  • Tension Nose
  • Managing Altered Alar Columellar Relationship
  • Alar Base Refinement
  • Short Nose: A Surgical Challenge
  • The Oriental Nose: Special Considerations
  • Rhinoplasty in Indian Patients
  • Rhinoplasty in Middle Eastern Patients
  • Complexities of Revision Rhinoplasty
  • Dorsal And Caudal Septal Deviation
  • Panel Discussion: Challenges in Tip Refinement
  • Panel Discussion: Secondary Rhinoplasty:
    Challenges and Pitfalls



  Day 3 and 4Fresh Frozen Cadaveric Dissection

  • Conchal and Rib Cartilage Harvest
  • Delivery Approach
  • Delivery Approach
  • Silicone Nasal Implant
  • Silicone Chin Implant
  • External Approach: Raising the Skin and So Tissue Envelope
  • Dorsal Approach to Septum and Septal Cartilage Harvest
  • Component Hump Resection and Septal Cartilage Harvest
  • Spreader Flaps and Spreader/Extended Spreader Grafts
  • Septal Extension Graft and Columellar Strut
  • Suture Techniques for Tip Refinement
  • Cartilage Grafts to the Nasal Tip
  • Lateral Crural Strut, Butterfly, Baton, Articulated Rim and Rim Grafts
  • Lateral Crural Flip Over Graft
  • Dorsal Augmentation with Rib Graft/Diced Cartilage Fascia Graft
  • Medial Oblique, Intermediate, Lateral and Transverse Osteotomies
  • Silicone Chin Implant
  • Dorsal Augmentation with Diced Cartilage