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Health Screening Preparation

Things to bring

  • NRIC / Passport / Employment Pass / Work Permit
  • Any past medical records, X-ray Films and current medications
  • Company Letter and / or staff identification for Corporate Accounts

Fasting Blood Tests

  • Fast 10 - 12 hours before your appointment. Strictly NO food and flavoured beverages. You may drink plain water in the morning of your health screening day. Fasting will ensure better accuracy in your glucose and lipid profile tests. Light refreshments will be provided after your blood specimens are taken
  • Continue all your usual medication EXCEPT diabetes medication which you may consume after the screening

Urine Analysis

  • For females, please schedule your appointment 3 days after your last day of menstruation

Stool Collection

  • Follow the Faecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) Step by Step Guide to collect your stool sample 1 – 2 days before your appointment. Diet restriction is not necessary

Preparation for Other Specialised Tests (Optional)

Treadmill/Stress ECG

  • Avoid medications that slow down the heart rate, such as Atenolol. These should be stopped 48 hours prior to the test. Please check with your doctor if you are on any cardiac or blood pressure medications
  • Bring a set of sports attire and running shoes to change into

Tonometry (Eye Screening)

  • Avoid wearing contact lenses for this test. If you need to wear contact lenses, please bring along your contact lens case to deposit the lenses during the eye test

Audiometry (Ear Screening)

  • No preparation is required


  • Avoid this examination if you are pregnant
  • Schedule your appointment about 1 week after your last day of menstruation
  • Avoid use of talcum powder, deodorant or body lotion on the chest on the day of the appointment as these will be reflected on the X-rays. A blouse with a skirt or slacks will be more convenient than a dress

Pap Smear

  • Schedule your appointment at least 1 week after your last day of menstruation