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Nutrition & Dietetics

The dietitians' primary function is to provide nutrition counselling to inpatients, outpatients and their caregivers. We work in multi-disciplinary teams to provide wholesome healthcare to our patients. We assess the nutritional status of patients and recommend appropriate dietary treatment. The dietitians work closely with Foodservice chefs and hospitality colleagues to ensure that the prescribed meals are given to the correct inpatients. We also help our chefs ensure that inpatients without dietary restrictions are served healthy meals.

Besides clinical dietetics, the dietitians also conduct general and specialised nutrition talks and workshops to hospital staff, corporate clients and members of the public.

Our dietitians also play active roles in various professional and community organisations such as Singapore Nutrition & Dietetics Association, Diabetic Society of Singapore, Singapore Association of the Study of Obesity and Singapore National Heart Association.

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  • Individualised dietetic counseling to patients / carers on therapeutic diets pertaining to the patients’ medical conditions
  • Nutritional assessment to ascertain patients’ adequacy for healthy eating, specialised diets, texture modified diets or enteral feeding
  • Supportive dietetic services to multi-disciplinary teams and clinics
  • Nutritional support for patients with malnutrition or requiring alternative routes of feeding
  • Teaching sessions for community-based support groups
  • Workshops and talks to medical, nursing and allied health staff on specialised medical nutrition therapy as well as to corporate groups , education officers and students on healthy eating and topical nutrition issues pertaining to disease prevention and treatment
  • Hands-on and cooking demonstrations of healthy eating and selected therapeutic diets/consistency-modified diets to targeted groups such as patients, carers/domestic helpers, senior citizens and education officers
  • Nutrition and health-related talks to the general public in public forum settings
  • Supermarket tours
    Dietetic and food service consultancy to step-down care facilities, nursing homes, long-term care institutions, childcare centers, schools and workplaces
  • Dietetic and food service consultancy to eateries/workplace canteens/ restaurants on healthier menus and nutrient analysis
  • Dietetic consultancy to food industries on nutrition and health-related product claims and specifications
  • Collaboration in clinical research trials and food trials with food and neutraceutical industries