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Guide to Medical Report Application

Medical Records Office Operating Hours

Monday - Friday : 8.30am - 5.30pm
Saturday : 8.30am - 12.30pm
Sunday & Public Holiday : Closed

Tel: 6602 2477
Fax: 6852 1679

General Information

If you wish to make a claim for the hospitalisation bill on your insurance policy, you are advised to contact your insurance adviser or company as soon as possible. Note that certain time limits may apply under your policy.

If you are insured under a Medisave-approved Private Integrated Plan (PMI), the hospital will submit your claim to your insurer directly. You should therefore inform the hospital upon admission.

To Submit A Claim

Step 1

Obtain a claim form from your insurance company.

Step 2

Complete the claim form and obtain relevant documents such as Hospital Final Bill / Receipt, Hospitalisation Inpatient Discharge Summary *(& other documents as stated on claim form).

Step 3

Submit both claim form and relevant documents to your insurance company for processing. You may be asked to sign a Clinical Abstract form authorising the insurance company to obtain further information when necessary. If you are required to furnish a medical report by the attending physician (as set out in a claim form by insurance company), proceed to step 4.

Step 4

Present the medical report request (as set out in a claim form) to the hospital. You may apply in person at any payment counter in our hospital or mail in your request with a cheque payment to our Medical Records Office. Please cross cheque and make payable to ‘Alexandra Health Pte Ltd’. Processing time is at least 3 weeks.


For confidentiality reasons, patient’s consent is very important. If the signature does not match our records, we will need the patient to come personally with legal documents for verification and to collect the report.

Please download and complete consent form for release of medical information.

How would you receive the medical report?

You may:

  • Collect the report personally. NRIC must be furnished upon collection.
  • Have the report send to you by Registered Post. An administrative fee of $10.00 would be charged.
  • Authorise a third party to collect the report. A signed authorisation letter stating the representative's name and NRIC and a copy of the applicant's NRIC must be furnished upon collection.

Please download and complete the authorisation letter if a representative is collecting the report.

Types of document

Hospital Inpatient Discharge Summary

  • A summary of the patient’s medical condition, investigation done and medication given.
  • For a specific hospitalisation episode only.
  • Given to patient on day of discharge.

Laboratory and radiology reports (duplicate copies)

  • Laboratory test done on blood, urine samples, etc
  • Radiological reports such as X-ray, Ultrasound, CT scan, etc
  • Can be collected on the spot if request is made in person.

Medical Report (as set out in claim form issued by the insurance company)

  • Compiled by a doctor.
  • Information may consist of diagnosis, name of procedure, details of treatment given.
  • Data can be gathered from the patient’s medical record

Medical Report Fees

Completion of Insurance Form by MRO
Brief information containing diagnosis, name of procedure,
ICD9 codes and visit dates
Completion of Insurance Form by Doctor (Ordinary)
Information required may consist of diagnosis, name of procedure,
and details of medical condition or treatment given
Ordinary Medical Report
This is a factual report compiled by a doctor based on
available medical information of the patient

Charges for Other Services

Duplication Copy of Investigation Results $6.00
Duplication of X-rays (per CD) $21.40
Certified/Reprint of Medical Certificates $12.00

Note: All fees are inclusive of GST and subject to change. Any cancellation of reports in progress will incur an administration charge of one-third the cost of the medical report.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use my Medisave to pay for the medical report?
    No. Medisave cannot be used.
  • Can I claim the medical report fees from my insurance company?
    Please inquire with your respective insurance company.
  • My hospitalization bill is about S$300 only. How useful is the medical report for small claims?
    For small claims (less than S$1000), you are advised to use the 'Inpatient Discharge Summary' provided to you upon discharge. You should request the medical report only if the insurance company request for it.
  • I had a Day Surgery. How can the hospital assist me in my claim?
    You may contact our Medical Records Office for supporting documents (documents may vary according to procedures done).
  • If I have been seen by two different doctors in Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, can I request for one consolidated medical report?
    The two doctors you had visited were for two different reasons. It is necessary for each doctor to write the medical report based on your medical condition and treatment rendered. Hence, you need to request for two separate medical reports.
  • I have visited the hospital for various reasons. Which medical report should I be requesting?
    There is a fee for each report. You are advised to request for the one that is relevant for the purpose of your claim.