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Material Management Department - MMD

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Responsibility Contact Person Telephone Email
Event Support, Tenancy, Facilities development, ABLE studio
Doris Heng Hoi Siang
Facilities Management / Non-Medical Equipment
Amanda Tan Zi Ling, Yvonne Lim Lay Pheng
66022496 66022492
Housekeeping, Linen and Kitchen Consumables
Koh Lih Kian
IT Purchases -Software & Hardware, Telco Equipment
Hannah Ang Yu Han
Medical Consumables
Vivien Teh Ai Lee, Teresa Kwok Xin Yu
66022481 66022482
Medical Equipment
Carrie Tan Hui Ching, Alicia Lim Ay Kuan
66022491 66022489
Medical Instruments
Terence Yong Kim Ping
Uniforms and Shoes
Sandy Su Wen Qi