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NUHS Preventive Medicine @ NHG-Yishun Health
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Program Overview

The NUHS Preventive Medicine Residency Program focuses on the health of individuals and defined populations. This is to protect, promote, and maintain health and well-being and prevent disease, disability, and premature death within these groups. Public Health and Occupational Medicine training programs have now come under the purview of the program.

The NUHS Preventive Medicine Residency Program is a National program. National Healthcare Group-Yishun Health is one of the participating sites of the program.

NHG-Yishun Health (YH) is a regional health system in the north of Singapore. It operates a wide range of healthcare facilities, including Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH), Yishun Community Hospital (YCH) and Admiralty Medical Centre (AdMC). Through its Population and Community Health arm, YH also works closely with people and their communities, as well as with numerous shared care partners, to ensure the wellbeing and health of people residing in the north of Singapore.

Goals and Objectives

The NUHS Preventive Medicine Residency Program @ NHG-Yishun Health offers a broad range of experiential learning opportunities.

The primary goal of rotations through NHG-YH is to enable residents to acquire competency in public health practice, particularly in Healthcare Management and Administration, as well as Occupational Medicine.

Residents in the NUHS Preventive Medicine Residency Program will acquire the ability to plan, manage and evaluate health services to improve the health of the population in the north; formulate programs for a given health issue; conduct an evaluation based on process and outcome performance measure; and design and use management information systems.

Key Features of the NUHS Preventive Medicine Residency Program @ NHG-Yishun Health

Depending on the projects undertaken by the resident, the resident can acquire all or some of the following skills:

  • Application of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention principles in design and delivery of health and healthcare services, application of systems thinking and design thinking to health and healthcare services delivery and settings.
  • Application of behavioral science, social network theories, abundance mindset and asset based approaches to health and healthcare services design and delivery.
  • Application of the principles of safety, reliability and resilience in the design of patient safety and clinical risk management.
  • Application of principles of quality improvement and lean thinking, including principles of organization learning such as single loop, double loop, and triple loop learning, multi-disciplinary, interdisciplinary, and trans-disciplinary learning in healthcare.
  • Application of people-centred/patient-centred value compass in the design of health and healthcare business intelligence, analytics and IT systems; application of activity-based costing in health and healthcare services.
  • Epidemiology skills, including the design and conduct of epidemiological, health and clinical outcome studies, and the translation of epidemiological findings into a recommendation for a health services planning.
  • Work with other health professionals in recognizing outbreak events (including infectious diseases) of public health significance, report the outcome of evaluations to affected individuals and management, and make recommendations to the management on preventive measures.
  • Skills and knowledge in managing health issues of employees, monitoring and interpreting surveillance data for prevention of occupational and work-related diseases with the aim to enhance the health and productivity of employees.
  • Application of organization development and change management theories in healthcare transformation, including soft skills such as leadership, coaching, listening and facilitation.


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The NUHS Preventive Medicine Residency program is a seamless 5-year training program. Residents must have completed the housemanship (PGY2+). Rotations to the NHG-YH regional health system will be during the R2 to R3 residency years, with a minimum duration of 6 months.

Typical Rotation Schedule


Rotations through AHS intends to provide residents with both theory and practical experiences in preventive medicine, public health and occupational medicine. The resident will carry out projects based on assessed health and healthcare needs of the population in the north of Singapore. This includes:


  • Developing, refining and implementing healthcare (including occupational medicine) services and programs to meet the needs of the population.
  • Developing, refining and implementing interventions to streamline and enhance the flow of patients through AHS.
  • Developing, refining and implementing initiatives to transform the way healthcare is delivered and experienced.
  • Conducting studies and evaluating existing healthcare services and programs.
  • Coordinating the provision of clinical services from a public health perspective.
  • Planning and implementing medical manpower initiatives.
  • Running occupational health clinics.
  • Revising policy related to occupational health and safety related to health care industry.
  • Implement workplace health promotion programs for the employees.
  • Developing, evaluating and managing medical surveillance programs for the institutions.
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Our Faculty Members:

Dr Ng Yeuk Fan

Name: Dr Ng Yeuk Fan
Designation: Associate Program Director, NUHS Preventive Medicine Residency Program;
Deputy Director (Special Projects), Yishun Health;
Deputy Director, Corporate Development, Yishun Health
Credentials: MBBS (Singapore), MPH (Harvard)
Medical Specialty: Public Health, Health Care Systems, Health Services, Clinical Quality & Improvement
Clinical Interest: -
Language Spoken: English, Mandarin, Cantonese








Dr Ng Yeuk Fan, MBBS, MPH, is the Associate Program Director for the NUHS Preventive Medicine Residency Program @ NHG-YH. Dr Ng oversees Corporate Development in Yishun Health. Dr Ng has interests in health systems design, quality improvement and patient safety, healthcare performance and analytics, organization behavior and change management, health policy and management.


Dr Lim John Wah

Name: Dr Lim John Wah

Faculty Member, NUHS Preventive Medicine Residency Program (NHG-YH) & NHG Family Medicine Residency Program;
Consultant, Head (Occupational Health Service),
Family and Community Medicine Department, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital; 
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health

Credentials: MB ChB (Hons) (Queen's U of Belfast), MPH (NUS), GDFM, FAMS (Occupational Medicine)
Medical Specialty: Family & Community Medicine, Occupational Medicine
Clinical Interest: Occupational Medicine, Workplace Health and safety
Language Spoken: English, Mandarin, Malay, Hokkien









Dr John Lim is the faculty member for the NUHS Preventive Medicine Residency Program in NHG-YH and oversees the occupational health services for NHG-YH. His interests include occupational health for the healthcare industry and workplace health promotion. He is also the faculty member for the NHG-YH Family Medicine Program.

He graduated from the Queen's University of Belfast with honours in 2003. He obtained his post-graduate qualification of Master of Public Health (specialised in Occupational and environmental health) in 2009 and Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine in 2011 from NUS. He subsequently completed his Advanced Specialist Training in Occupational Medicine in the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, NUS in 2012.

He is the committee member in the KTPH Safety Committee, Infection Control Committee and Emergency Preparedness Committee, as well as the Workplace Safety and Health Council (Healthcare) committee. In NUS, he is appointed as the Adjunct Assistant Professor in Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health and Committee member for Graduate Diploma in Occupational Medicine.

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