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Ice Pack Application

Cryotherapy is an effective treatment for short-term pain relief. Icing may slow down the release of blood and proteins from the surrounding vasculature by reducing tissue metabolism. Ice may be effective for reducing swelling and pain in cases of acute inflammation by blunting the inflammatory response.

Preparing Ice Pack

  • You may purchase ice pack from any pharmacies
  • Alternatively, you may purchase bags of frozen peas. Do not open the bag. This will become your icepack. They are cheap and conform nicely to your skin

Ice Pack Application

  • Step 1:Prepare ice pack and moist towel
  • Step 2:Wrap a moist towel around the ice pack
  • Step 3:Leave the icepack over your injured area for approximately 20 minutes and remove it
  • Ensure that it is not painfully cold. If it is too cold, apply another layer of towel
  • Repeat every 3-4 hours if pain and swelling persist
  • Discontinue 72 hours after injury

Warning:Never apply an ice pack directly against the skin

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