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Family and Community Medicine

The Health For Life Clinic (HFLC) is dedicated to helping you enjoy years of healthy life by providing early detection of lifestyle-related diseases, health education and intervention programmes to help you manage chronic diseases better.

Our wide range of comprehensive, evidence-based health screening packages is conducted at our cosy, patient-friendly clinic. For your convenience, we also bring our services on site to the premises of corporate clients and outreach programmes to the community.

Besides screening packages, our dedicated, multidisciplinary team runs intervention programmes such as weight management and chronic disease management programmes. Our clinic connects you to a wide range of medical services, specialist departments and allied healthcare services.

Workplace Health Screening

Employee health advocacy is a proven key to controlling health care costs. Regular health screening helps to detect any disease conditions at an early stage, when they may be most treatable. As part of our comprehensive workplace health promotion services, we provide both on-site and clinic-based health screening for your staff.

 Tailored to the unique needs of your organisation, our workplace health programmes are designed to help you achieve higher productivity, efficiency, competitiveness and growth. Our services are complemented by counselling, health education and appropriate wellness programmes.

Click here for more information on our Workplace Health Promotion Programmes

Pre-employment & other Medical Screening

We offer pre-employment and other medical screenings to assist you in achieving your goal of building a healthy workforce.

Exercise as Medicine

Although the importance of exercise for good health is well-known, many of us may not have an idea how to cultivate this advantageous habit.

At HFL's gym, we offer exercise consultation, testing and exercise programmes with our physiotherapists, who are themselves lifelong exercisers. We are committed to empowering you with the confidence and knowledge to adopt exercise on your own as part of a holistic approach to health.

Some of our services include:

  • Support for our core programs such as weight management and diabetes management
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Lifestyle fitness programmes
  • Exercise consultation, assessment and training
  • Formulating different exercise modules for different needs


Have you thought about losing weight and your reasons behind it?

Perhaps you want to improve your health, so you can play soccer with your children or to fit back into your favourite clothes.

There are many valid reasons why people want to lose weight, yet many struggle to shed the kilograms.

At the Health For Life Clinic, we know that losing weight and keeping it off can be a challenge.

That's why we have a team of healthcare professionals to guide and support you through your weight loss journey.

For more information on:

Weight Management Programme, click here.

Bariatric Surgery, click here.

To find out more about your needs and how you can lose weight in a healthy way, take our Weight Management Questionnaire.


Obesity is not just a weight issue.

It is a chronic, relapsing condition in which an increase in body fat can result in multiple health consequences.

Knowing the causes of your weight gain, screening for and tackling any health consequences arising from it, is essential in the successful management of obesity.


KTPH Weight Management Programme is a 24-week programme designed to empower participants to make positive lifestyle changes to achieve the best outcomes in terms of weight loss and sustainability. Our team of healthcare professionals will assess your health, provide tailored advice and help you make lifestyle changes over six months, enabling you to succeed safely.

The programme consists of regular sessions with our dedicated team, in the form of:

  • Individual consultations - where you can enjoy personalised care from our healthcare professionals
  • Groups consultations – where you can have interactive discussions with our healthcare professionals and other weight loss participants
  • Workshops on diet and exercise – where you can learn more about nutrition, and exercise in our well-equipped gym
*  Consists of doctor (first visit) + psychologist
** Consists of doctor (review visit) + psychologist
#  Consists of doctor + dietitian + physiotherapist
@ Exercise workshops can be upgraded to 1-to-1 exercise sessions depending on individual needs


Surgery is available for patients who satisfy certain criteria. These include extreme obesity, failure to lose weight with non-surgical means, or metabolic diseases (e.g. diabetes) that are not controlled by conventional means.

Various operations are available that can be tailored to each individual patient. These include:

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy,
  • Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass,
  • Bilio-Pancreatic Diversion, and
  • Adjustable Gastric Band.

All of these are performed via Laparoscopy (Key Hole Surgery), providing less painful and faster recovery. 95% of our patients stay not more than 2 days after their operation.

Bariatric surgery is not a quick fix solution for weight loss. All surgical patients need to make changes to their lifestyle and eating habits.

All surgical patients need lifelong follow-up with our dedicated team of professionals. These include Bariatric Specialist Nurse Coordinators, Dietitians, Physiotherapists, and our Specialist Doctors.

As part of the KTPH Bariatric Surgery service, the Singapore LapBandits run once every three months. This is a support group for Bariatric Surgery subjects, providing support for those who have had surgery and those who are contemplating surgery. You can visit the group's Facebook page for more information.


All patients receive the same quality of care from our team.

Several factors are taken into consideration when patients are classified as subsidised or private patients.


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To find out more about our Weight Management Programme, please contact:

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The Health for Life Centre provides specialist Occupational health care to employees with occupational and work-related problems. Our team of designated workplace doctors (DWD) and our occupational health specialist provide various occupational health services including

  •  Pre-employment, pre-placement and post-retirement medical examinations
  •  Statutory Medical Examinations* required by Workplace Safety and Health Act (WSHA) and other legislations
  •  Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation license medical examinations
  •  Driving license medical examinations
  •  Audiometry tests
  •  Lung function tests (Spirometry)
  •  Diagnosis and management of occupational and work-related injuries/ illnesses
  •  Fitness for work and fitness to return to work assessment
  •  Sickness absence assessment
  •  Advice on early retirement due to ill health
  •  Medical compensation  


 * We are able to screen for the following hazards requiring medical examinations under the Workplace Safety and Health (Medical Examinations) Regulations. Please inform us when you are making an appointment to test for any of these hazards.

  1. Arsenic & its compounds
  2. Asbestos
  3. Benzene
  4. Bitumen
  5. Cadmium & its compounds
  6. Creosote
  7. Excessive noise
  8. Lead & its compounds
  9. Manganese & its compounds
  10. Mercury & its compounds
  11. Organophosphates
  12. Perchloroethylene
  13. Pitch
  14. Raw cotton
  15. Silica
  16. Tar
  17. Trichloroethylene
  18. Vinyl chloride monomer


Occupational Ergonomics

Together with the ergonomist from our Rehabilitation department, we are able to:

  •  Manage patients with work-related musculoskeletal disorders
  •  Provide workplace assessment to:
    1. identify specific groups of workers who would benefit from ergonomic intervention to improve their work ability
    2. provide advice on workplace interventions and modifications

 Occupational Health Advisory Services:

For companies and industries needing specific advice on occupational health matters, we are able to provide the following services

  •  Advice on the development of occupational health policies and programs
  •  Compliance with legislation issues
  •  Monitoring and Surveillance of workplace hazards
  •  Respiratory  Protection and Hearing Conservation Programs


Preventive care

At KTPH, we are in a position to provide you with both Occupational Health as well as Workplace Health Promotion programmes. Our comprehensive range of Workplace Health Promotion services, all delivered by qualified healthcare professionals, include:

  • Corporate health screening
  • Vaccination and travel health service
  • Talks and workshops on various health topics including a range of occupational health topics
  • Intervention programmes for those with risk factors or certain chronic diseases.

 Click here for more information on our Workplace Health Promotion Programmes


Other Occupational Health Services

Please contact us if you wish to enquire more about the following services:

  • Workplace risk assessment
  • Industrial toxicology services (including toxicological testing for suspected excessive occupational exposure to specific toxin or chemicals)
  • On-site workplace based occupational medicine practice
  • Occupational health talks/ training workshops (e.g. prevention of noise-induced hearing loss, office ergonomics, mental stress at work, etc.)