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Continuing Medical Education for Doctors

Continuing Medical Education (CME) plays an important role in keeping medical professionals current with changes in medicine.

We organise regular CME Programme, learning sessions and courses for our Primary Care Partners.

Contact our Partners' Office to receive CME notifications or join our Clinicians Discussion Groups.

Partners' Office
Contact: 9114 2819

Scheduled CME Talks for 2019

Saturdays from 1.00pm onwards

(Sat, 1pm - 5pm)
Presenting DepartmentRegister
January 19 Jan 2019 General Surgery
Approach to Goiter
February 16 Feb 2019 Ophthalmology
Eye conditions one should not miss
23 Feb 2019 Ortho/Sports
The Sporting Knee
April 6 Apr 2019 Cardiology
May 4 May 2019 General Surgery
Approaches to Common Surgical Conditions and Procedures with Video
11 May 2019 Geriatrics  
18 May 2019 ENT  
June 22 June 2019 Endocrine  
29 June 2019 Diagnostic Radiology GP Seminar  
July 20 Jul 2019 Urology GP Symposium  
27 Jul 2019 Orthopaedic Surgery  
August 3 Aug 2019 Psychological Medicine  
17 Aug 2019 Sports Imaging Seminar  
24 Aug 2019 General Surgery - Breast  
September 7 Sep 2019 Renal  
14 Sep 2019 Cardiology  
21 Sep 2019 General Medicine  
October 5 Oct 2019 General Medicine  
12 Oct 2019 General Surgery - Colorectal  


Peer-Review Learning Sessions for 2018

First Thursday of the month, 4.00pm - 6.30pm

Date TopicSpeaker
29 March 2018
Management of Stroke Patients Dr Djoni Huang
Principal Staff Physician
Yishun Community Hospital
26 April 2018
Frailty in Elderly A/Prof Philip Yap
Senior Consultant, Geriatric Medicine
Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
3 May 2018
Understanding Community Nursing Dr Wong Sweet Fun
Clinical Director, Population Health & Community Transformation
Yishun Health
2 August 2018
Management of Diabetes I Prof Subramaniam Tavintharan
Director and Senior Consultant
Admiralty Medical Centre
11 November 2018
Community Medicine
Joint PRL with Community Nurses.
Dr Wong Sweet Fun
Clinical Director, Population Health & Community Transformation
Yishun Health

Dr Michael Wong
Senior Consultant, Family & Community Medicine
Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

To participate in our PRLs, please write to Ms Evon Chua at


Workshop and Seminars

General Advance Care Planning (ACP) Facilitators Course for General Practitioners

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The Advance Care Planning Facilitators Course for General Practitioners is a two-day workshop. The General ACP Facilitators’ Course trains participants to facilitate the documentation of Advance Care Plans (ACPs) for generally healthy adults. Participants are taught interviewing skills to explore an individual’s stage of health, past experiences and values surrounding life, illness and dying. Based on this exploration, facilitators will then help individuals to articulate their future care preferences into an ACP. This plan provides guidance to the medical team when the individual loses mental capacity. The conversation also allows individuals to appoint a Nominated Healthcare Spokesperson (NHS), and clarify relevant health matters. Participants will also learn about other advance directives.

Physicians must pass the final assessment to be certified as General ACP Facilitators.

Registration closes on 18 October 2018. For details, please email to

Date & TimeModule
10 November 2018
11.45am - 4.00pm
Seminar on General Advance Care Planning
Dr Siew Chee Weng
MBBS (Singapore), Dip Geriatric Med, Dip (Family Practice Dermatology), MMed (Family Med), FCFP (Family Med), GDPM
HOD, Department of Family and Community Medicine/ Health for Life Clinic
Consultant, Yishun Community Hospital, Medical Services

ACP Documentation using National ACP IT System
Ms Jane Lim
Agency for Integrated Care

Advance Care Planning (Practical)
17 November 2018
11.45am - 4.00pm
Advance Care Planning (Examination)

Review of Assessment and Group Feedback


Department of Surgery: General Physician – Specialist Partnership Project

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Each module will be accredited with CME point.
FEE: Single module: $75.00, All modules: $150
Registration deadline for this workshop has closed. For details, please email to

Date & TimeModule
Module 1

28 July 2018 (Sat)
2pm - 4pm
Assessment and Outpatient Management of Common Anorectal Conditions: Anal Fissure, Hemorrhoid, Anorectal Abscess and Fistula.
Dr Surendra Mantoo

Skills learned: examination techniques; Digital Rectal Examination; Proctoscopy; incision and drainage of perianal hematoma and abscesses; injection and banding of piles
Module 2

20 October 2018 (Sat)
2pm - 4pm
Recognition and Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation and Fecal Incontinence.
Dr Surendra Mantoo & Dr Gregory Heng

Skills learned: pelvic floor muscle training; biofeedback; use of laxatives and antidiarrheals; update of new treatment modalities
Module 3

26 January 2019 (Sat)
2pm - 4pm
Wound Care and Care of Patient with Stoma.
Dr Daniel Lee & SSN Lynn Tan

Skills learned: wound examination; types of dressing materials and their uses; removal of sutures; assessment and care of a stoma; stoma appliances and uses
Module 4

20 April 2019 (Sat)
2pm - 4pm
Risk Stratification, Referral Criteria and Follow-up Protocols for Patients with Colorectal Polyps and Cancer.
Dr Sim Hsien Lin

Skills learned: referral criteria; follow-up protocols of colorectal polyps and cancers