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Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric Medicine has been set up to cater to the health needs of the elderly in Singapore. Our vision is to add healthy life to older people through comprehensive geriatric care, education and research.

We cater to elderly people aged 65 and above with geriatric syndromes, including those with difficulties in walking, frequent falls, memory difficulties, incontinence and multiple medical problems resulting in recent changes in function and self-care. Patients aged 78 and above with acute medical problems may also be admitted to our wards.

We adopt a multi-disciplinary approach in patient care, involving doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dietitians, pharmacists, podiatrists and medical social workers. Besides comprehensive geriatric assessment, we believe in the importance of rehabilitation for the elderly and our geriatric services are located near therapy areas to facilitate rehabilitation. Regular patient case conferences are conducted to discuss and plan patient care.

The Continence Clinic provides care for men and women needing assistance with bladder and bowel control problems. Evaluation and diagnosis of the underlying condition will be followed by a personalised plan of care for self-management whenever possible.

Dyad Engagement & Enrichment Programme (DEEP)

DEEP is a mandatory clinic appointment after the initial first clinic assessment visit for patient and family members. It provides essential information and educational about dementia, medical treatment, dementia services & programmes in KTPH and in Singapore, what to expect in the days to come and how to provide best care for a loved one with dementia.

It also provides a platform for Q&A. In the same session, patients are assessed further physically and mentally and engaged in various meaningful activities with our interdisciplinary team members. There will be time for feedback and debrief at the end of the session.

Time: Even week Monday 2-5pm
Cost: $50 (subsidised), $80 + GST (private)


ProgrammesDetailsTime & Charges
A New You
(for patients with early dementia)
This is a programme designed for people with early dementia to help them adapt to the problems that accompany dementia whilst remaining actively engaged in life.

The programme comprises 3 components:

  • Physical exercises led by our nurses
  • Brain stimulation and training (cognitive remediation) led by our psychologist
  • Group therapy in a support group led by our counselor or social worker
Tuesday & Wednesday (Chinese group)
9.30am - 12.30pm

Thursday (English Group)
2pm - 5pm

$35 per session (subsidised)
$88 + GST per session (private)
GOLD Programme
(for patients with subjective memory complaints)
This GOLD programme is designed to assist older persons in their golden years with subjective memory complaints and mild memory deficits to gain practical knowledge and skills to stay healthy physically and mentally.

We provide stimulating activities for the mind and body, and engage them socially through group interaction and peer support.

  • 1 hour of physical exercise through exercise therapist
  • 1 hour of mind stimulation through brain games (technology based or game sets) with our nurse specialist
we also incorporate educational talks by doctors and allied health team members.
Wednesday (bilingual Group)
2pm - 4.30pm

$28 per session (subsidised)
$28 + GST per session (private)
Music and Activity Programme
(for patients)
This is an activity based programme with music making and music appreciation.

In the second hour there are meaningful occupational actvities to promote well being and enhance social bonding.

Actvities include gardening, craftwork, mind puzzles, and simple exercises.
Tuesday 2pm - 4pm
Friday 10.30am - 12.30pm 

$28 per session (subsidised)
$40 + GST per session (private)

Physical Activities Programme
(for patients and family members)
This programme aims to empower the carer of a person with dementia with skills to engage their loved ones in exercise and physical activities.

  • Exercise in a person with dementia enables him to optimise his physical function and ability as well as maintain a good quality of life.
  • In addition, the carer is able to pick up skills in communication and learn new exercises or activities to engage their loved ones.
Wednesday 10.30am - 12.30pm
Thursday 2pm - 4pm 

$28 per session (subsidised)
$40 + GST per session (private)
Art Therapy
Our volunteer and locally renowned artist Dr Tan Ching Yan conducts art classes for our patients twice a week.

There is no need for any prior experience of competence in art. Dr Tan will start with the very basics. So, just come and acquire a new skill to impress you and your family and friends !
Tuesday for beginners
2.30pm - 4.30pm

Thursday for intermediate
10am - 12pm 

$5 for KTPH patient
$10 for family members
Dementia Support Group
(for family members)
A format for educational talks, peer understanding and support for family caregivers with a special theme each time.

Topics for each session will be informed through email in advance.
Chinese support group on even months

English support group on odd months

10am - 12pm

No charge

Dementia Friendly Community (DFC)

10% of Singaporeans aged 60 and above suffer from dementia. By age 85, up to 50% may succumb to dementia. There are 45,000 persons with dementia in Singapore today and it is projected to more than double to 103,000 by 2030. Although dementia causes intellectual and functional decline with diminished independence, it does not change the desire in people with dementia to continue to lead normal lives, the way they have always lived. They will continue to visit food centres, use public transport or engage in banking services. However, they may encounter problems in the process such as forgeting to pay for their purchase, or over-buy groceries without realising, only because deep down they still see themselves as providers for their families.

Khoo Teck Puat Hospital is working with Lien Foundation and Agency for Integrated Care to build Singapore's first dementia-friendly community right here in Yishun. Called "Forget Us Not", The initiative aims to foster a kampong spirit where we help persons with dementia continue to lead normal and dignified lives in the community. Let us not forget our loved ones, even as they seem to forget us. Join us to become a dementia friend to build a dementia-friendly community.

You may also want to download the dementia caregivers guide on how to better support people with dementia who wander. Find out what you can do to facilitate the identification and search for missing people, and how various tracking devices can assist.

Caritas icommunity@north

Caritas is an integrated care system for patients with dementia (PWD) and is the first and only of its kind in Singapore. Caritas is an acronym for the care delivered; Comprehensive, Accessible, Responsive, Individualied, Transdisciplinary, Accountable and Seamless. In collaboration with Agency for Integrated Care and several community partners in the north such as St Luke's Eldercare, SWAMI, Sree Narayana, THK Moral Charities, AWWA, Touch Home Care, AMK Family Service Centre, O Joy Counselling Services and more, Caritas works with it partners to deliver seamless team based care for PWD and their families for a whole range of health and social issues throughout the patient's journey with dementia. Do watch this video to understand about Caritas.

Camie & Carmie

Camie (Care for the Acute Mentally Infirm Elder) is an acute care service provided at KTPH for patients with dementia with confused behaviours who require hospitalisation for the treatment of a variety of medical problems. The common reasons why patients with dementia need hospital admission include falls, fractures, pneumonias, urinary tract infections, challenging behaviours, decline in function and more. Camie adopts a person centred care philosophy that upholds the dignity and autonomy of the patient, and promotes quality of life through enhanced care that adopts a no physical restraints policy. Do watch this video to understand about the camie and no restraints care. Camie has a sister ward, Carmie (Comprehensive Assessment & Rehabilitation of the Mentally Infirm Elder), nestled in Yishun Community Hospital which similarly cares for patients with dementia with less acute medical conditions or who need physical rehabilitation.

For more information about KTPH Memory & Dementia Care programmes, please call clinic C41 at 6602 8000 or email us at: (email preferred)

The Palliative Care Clinic provides care to patients with incurable and potentially life threatening diseases. Palliative care focuses on providing comfort care and good quality of life when a cure is no longer possible. Pain control, symptom management, coordinated and multidisciplinary care, family support and referrals to hospice care are some of the services provided by the Palliative Care Clinic.

The Mobility Enhancement Clinic focuses on assessments and interventions for older adults (with or without an assistive device) who have difficulty with gait, balance, falls, and endurance. A geriatric assessment will be part of the evaluation and a physical therapist will assist in the development of a comprehensive treatment plan including an exercise program.

TeleGeriatrics is part of KTPH Department of Geriatric Medicine’s strategy to achieve integrated care with our ILTC partners in the North.

Through video conferencing, the Geriatrician provides assessment and diagnosis of problematic cases in the nursing home. Trained nurses in the nursing home act as the hands of the doctors by performing simple clinical examination on patients, and reporting back findings to the doctor in KTPH. Doctors are then able to advise on clinical management without being physically present at the nursing homes

To access the TeleGeriatric Online Library please click below.