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Financial Assistance

Patients or family members who have difficulty paying for the medical bills can approach any staff who will help refer them to the medical social workers at the hospital/institution for assistance. The request will be kept strictly confidential. The amount of help given will vary, depending on multiple factors such as the bill size and the financial circumstances of the patient and his family.

The assistance extended can also be in various forms, including:

  • Medifund an endowment fund set up by the Government to help Singaporeans who have difficulty paying for their subsidised medical expenses, after Medisave and Medishield (where applicable)
  • Other government assistance schemes such as Medication Assistance Fund
  • Hospital/institution’s own endowment funds

Application for financial assistance requires the family to produce proof of their income and savings as well as their monthly expenditure.

Please contact our Department of Medical Social Services on +65 6602 2588, and our staff will advise accordingly.