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Diabetes Clinic

Diabetes Centre in KTPH is set up especially to help people with diabetes in managing their conditions and helping them to avoid or cope with complications that can arise. Our team comprises of specialists from multiple disciplines. We are supported in our work by modern facilities and technology.

The Diabetes Clinic is committed to providing collaborative care to people with diabetes. We maintain close and strong working partnerships with your Primary Care Doctors (General Practitioner or Polyclinic Doctor) to share communication on your progress and clinical outcomes.

With our assistance, your lifestyle changes can allow you to continue to lead healthy, active and productive lives.

Our Vision and Mission

To be a  leading diabetes centre, focused on caring for patients within our hospital, our health system and beyond; learning constantly to improve care; and performing research to better understand our patients, their diabetes related medical problems and how to manage them better.

To be a resource hub for diabetes and diabetes management.

Our centre believes in holistic approach to diabetes care and thus our allied health professionals contribute to a large part of our services:

    General Clinics
    Run daily by doctors, advanced practice nurse (APN), diabetes nurse educators (DNE), podiatrists and dietitians.

  • APN provides both medical consultation and nursing care.
  • DNE provides education on diabetes knowledge and skills training in insulin therapy and glucose monitoring.
  • Podiatry provides foot care and screening for diabetic foot disease.
  • Dietitian provides education and skills training in meal planning and carbohydrate counting.

  • Special Clinics
    Clinics run jointly by teams comprising of physicians and allied health professionals.

  • Carousel Clinic
    Facilitates care of patients who require input from both nurse and doctor.

  • Lipid Clinic
    For patients with difficulties achieving optimal lipid control or have problems with usual treatment. Care is co-ordinated by lipidologist and dietitian.

  • Diabetes Kidney Disease (DKD) Clinic
    For patients with significant proteinuria at an early phase of diabetes. The aim is to retard progression with intensive treatment provided by diabetes and renal specialist, assisted by nurse educators, pharmacist and dietitian.

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcer Clinic
    For patients with ulcers which are slow to heal. Care is co-ordinated by vascular surgeon and podiatrist.

  • Orthopod Clinic
    For diabetic patients with complex foot conditions or wounds. Care is co-ordinated by orthopaedic surgeon and podiatrist.

  • Exercise Assessment Clinic
    To assess patient's fitness level for structured exercise programme. Co-ordinated by physiotherapist and nurse.

  • Intensive Insulin Therapy Clinic
    Run inconjunction with the Intensive Insulin Therapy Program, patients continue with their review after the Intensive Insulin Therapy programme in this clinic. This clinic will also be the point of introduction for patients interested in insulin pump therapy.

  • Special services
  • Full assessment package
    This package includes blood and urine tests done as a yearly screening for diabetes complications, eye check, foot check and consultations with doctor, nurse and dietitian. It is recommended for patients to undergo a yearly screening.

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) Service
    This service provides a system that enables continuous monitoring of glucose levels every 5 minutes over a three-day period.

    This service is often recommended to patients who are prone to low glucose attacks (hypoglycemia) but are unable to detect these moments with self monitoring, especially during the sleeping hours. This service is also useful to those patients who will like to improve their awareness of their diabetes.

  • Education and Self management Programmes
  • Skills for Life (SFL)
    This is a 2 hour class recommended for all patients as a foundation class to improve on their knowledge about diabetes. It has been designed to provide education in a more interactive fashion. Patient and his/her caregiver will get firsthand experience of how exercise and food may affect his/her blood glucose.

  • Diabetes Empowerment Programme (DEP)
    Using the same philosophy as SFL, this is a more intensive and extended version. Conducted over 2 Saturdays, patients and caregivers are given more experiential learning opportunities provided by the team of doctor, nurse, dietitian, physiotherapist, optometrist, podiatrist and social worker.

  • Diabetes Exercise Programme
    This programme helps people with diabetes kick-start an exercise regime. Conducted over 4 sessions, the team of physiotherapist and nurse will help patient understand how various types of exercises will benefit his/her health and improve their diabetes care.

  • Intensive Insulin Therapy Programme (IIT)
    This is designed to provide patients on insulin therapy who wish to have a more flexible lifestyle and are willing to adjust the amount of insulin they take on their own with the necessary tools to do so. The programme consists of education modules and clinic sessions with a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, dietitians and exercise physiologists.

    Patients who will benefit most from this programme include those on multiple daily injections of insulin or insulin pump therapy.