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Dr Philip Yap has a keen interest in both the biomedical and social aspects of ageing, especially in the areas of dementia, end of life care, long-term care, support of caregivers of older persons and the use of infocomms technology in geriatric care.
Dr Ang Yan Hoon is interested in stroke and stroke rehabilitation, geriatric community services.
Dr Wong Sweet Fun is interested in functional assessment and effects of health education in senior health and fitness. She also led a multi-disciplinary team to develop the interactive programme “Health for Older Persons”.
In the areas of frailty, and health services and systems research, Dr Wong Chek Hooi was in an International Working Group in Frailty and Aging funded by the Canadian Initiative on Health Research (CIHR) and worked on Quebec's health system on integrated care for frail adults. He was also the principal investigator for a study on a novel health promotion intervention on functional performance in older adults and currently evaluating a community-based nursing program (the Aging-in-place program) in Singapore. He is interested in strengthening health systems’ ability to respond to the healthcare needs of aging populations. Globally, he has worked with the Departments of Health Financing and Department of Aging and Life Course at the World Health Organization on quality and performance measures for provider payment systems and on long term care.