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Dr Goh Kian Peng's research interest includes role of exercise, exercise-mimetics and skeletal muscle adaptation in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes.
A/Prof Lim Su Chi is interested in diabetic nephropathy, diabetes mellitus and endothelial function and intensive insulin therapy in diabetes mellitus.

A/Prof Sum Chee Fang is interested in the pathogenesis of metabolic disorders and type 2 diabetes, pharmacology of diabetes, and depression in chronic diseases.
A/Prof Tavintharan Subramaniam is interested in diabetic foot syndromes, and the study of novel biomarkers to predict and understand the pathogenesis of common metabolic disorders.
Dr Yeoh Lee Ying is interested in diabetic nephropathy and hypertension.
Dr Chris Willis is specifically interested in studying practical strategies that can be easily applied in health-care facilities and which have a significant impact in reducing both colonization and infection rates of nosocomial organisms.
Dr Ooi Say Tat’s interest lies in the epidemiology of nosocomial infectious diseases and clinical factors associated with outcomes in nosocomial infections.
Dr Ester Yeoh has an interest in clinical research, in particular in the area of diabetes and hypoglycaemia. She is currently investigating the utility of continuous glucose monitoring systems in detecting nocturnal hypoglycaemia and in patients with diabetic kidney disease.