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We embrace the tri-cycle model (clinical service, teaching and research) for excellence in healthcare. Therefore, involvement in research is part of our calling as health care providers. Although not all clinicians are expected to assume leadership role in research, our participation in research is a natural extension of our care for patients.

Actively practicing clinician is in a unique position to contribute to research for the following reasons:

1) Our daily contact with patients allows us to identify, prioritize and effectively frame clinically-relevant research questions.

2) Our clinical training allows us to make accurate diagnosis. This is important for the correct classification of patients into diagnostic category for subsequent study (i.e. comparing apple to apple).

3) Our access to patients. In institutional practice, it is not uncommon to encounter individuals with extreme phenotypes which often reveal secrets of disease patho-biology and inform us of novel therapeutic targets. 

To be effective in the complex enterprise of research, we need to be sufficiently trained in scientific methodology. Without rigorous methodology, we are unlikely to come close to the truth. Excellence in research is well in-line with our aspiration to be a “T-shape” institution (i.e. balancing both breath & depth). To achieve this, we must be cognizant of the mathematical truth that - by averaging, we can’t create outliers. Therefore, the Clinical Research Unit is committed to “Nurturing Excellence in Clinical Research” for our institution. As an institution, we will continue to strive to provide the milieu conducive for clinician to excel in clinically-relevant research.

May I have the honor of inviting our friends, colleagues and patients to join-in our extended research-family for a healthier future.

A/Prof Lim Su Chi
Clinical Director
Clinical Research Unit