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1 Ageing-In-Place Programme

Singapore’s Health Minister identified three challenges in the Healthcare 2020 Masterplan:

(i) the impact of a growing and ageing population on Singapore’s capacity needs,

(ii) an ageing population requires changes to how Singapore organises and delivers healthcare affordably,

(iii) managing rising healthcare costs.

Regionally, in the north, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) experienced an over-demand of its subsidised beds within 10 months of its opening. This led a team in the hospital to develop and deliver a cost-efficient, patient-centric and community-based social-cum-health model of care beyond the hospital walls into the patients’ homes, reaching out specifically to the elderly and chronically sick.

The Ageing-In-Place (AIP) Programme is a two-pronged approach comprising home visits made to high consumers of hospital services, and community nurse posts set up in the 10 divisions in Nee Soon and Sembawang Group Representation Constituencies (GRCs) to address population health needs.

The two approaches are supported and guided by Design Thinking and Business Analytics for programme planning and service delivery.

Under the AIP Programme framework are grouped the following services: