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Lifting Technique

Correct Lifting Technique

  • Using your legs, push to stand from squat position
  • In squatting, with your back straight, hug object close to you

Wrong Lifting Technique

  • Do not lift an object with the knee straight

Proper Lifting Technique

  • This lift is the most common method of good lifting technique. Use the basic lift for objects small enough to straddle where you have enough room to use a wide stance
    • Step 1: Get close to the object. Stand with a wide stance: put one foot forward and to the side of the object. Keep back straight. Bend hips and knees to lower yourself down to the object. Bring object close to body
    • Step 2: Ensure firm grips. Lift by extending your legs with your back straight
    • Step 3: Make sure that your holding the object in the center of the body

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